The course of ebru master Fatih Yeşil

Edukacija su meistru Fatih Yesil || Education with master Fatih Yesil

I was astonished when in 2011 I saw an Ebru video for the first time. When I realised that I must try it. First attempts Fatih Yeşil and overcame my hopes. This technique looked ‘magical’ and full of surprises. In the same year a great master Fatih Yeşil came to Lithuania and gave me an opportunity to see how Ebru art really looks when a professional does it, provided plenty of technical knowledges, showed the point of view that one must have while practising Ebru. Afterwords there were long years of hard and individual work. In those years I realised that I am mostly interested in traditional Ebru patterns, their technique and quality. 

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